Art Portal ......again

2009-08-22 11:17:54 by Decoy71

Anyone know whats up with if u get unscouted? it's pissing me off cuz it's happened to me twice now. I make a comic and it was starting to get some positive reviews, but now it's not getting seen because of some stupid glitch or whatever........

Art Portal ......again


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2009-08-23 02:13:54

yea i got unscouted for some reason too its hard getting scouted again too.

Decoy71 responds:

you ever find out why people get unscouted?


2009-08-23 23:18:50

If you know who scouted you check if they are still scouted, becasue this has happened to me a few times too, normally the person that scouted you or the person that scouted them got unscouted, causing everyone who they scouted to be unscouted....

incredibly stupid

I believe you get a PM too if you get unscouted for a reason pertaining to you, if you didnt it normally means the person who scouted ou was Unscouted

Decoy71 responds:

thanks snow, good info to clear things up a bit. Last person who scouted me was M-Vero n i dunno if he got unscouted or not, but its ok cuz jus a few min jus before i read this big-jonny-13 scouted me! yay thanks jonny if u read this XD