Ng Levels Art Collab

2009-08-24 18:29:17 by Decoy71

Heya pplz, so I joined the NG Levels Art Collab and I've really gotten into it and I now have 3 submissions finished and turned in. The one I'm working now is of Dad from Dad n' Me.
Here's the links to the pieces I made. They're in the Art Portal, hopefully getting lots of views and votes.

1st Entry: Tankman - Level 6 oy71/tankman-ng-levels-art-collab

2nd Entry: Orange Castle Crasher - Level 55 oy71/orangecc-ng-levels-art-collab

3rd Entry: Alien Hominid - Level 22 oy71/ah-ng-levels-art-collab

4th Entry: Dad - Level 46 oy71/dad-ng-levels-art-collab

Ng Levels Art Collab

Art Portal ......again

2009-08-22 11:17:54 by Decoy71

Anyone know whats up with if u get unscouted? it's pissing me off cuz it's happened to me twice now. I make a comic and it was starting to get some positive reviews, but now it's not getting seen because of some stupid glitch or whatever........

Art Portal ......again

Art Portal!

2009-06-18 23:50:03 by Decoy71

Heya folks, I'm sure everyone here has no idea who the hell I am, but just wanted to say yay for the Art Portal!
I'm sure many of you have submitted art and me out and vouch for me! I'm so obscure no one would vouch for me unless I had a friggin giant neon sign attached to my head saying "Vouch For Me".